07 October 2008

[talk: Anyone Else Nervous??]

Are you wondering what your future is going to be like? Your children's? What a teetering time we're witnessing right now ... with the markets declining before our eyes, the US Elections causing such division and anger among our neighbours to the south.

I'm watching, learning, coming up with my own conclusions. And I encourage you to do the same. Just because we're "only" mothers doesn't mean we shouldn't be in the know. IN FACT, I feel just the opposite. In the famous passage of Proverbs 31, we are encouraged to know about buying and selling and the state of our finances of our homes. We are to be responsible and knowledgeable. So, if you don't have an opinion regarding our government, foreign policies and such - I encourage you to do so. Not for intelligent conversation, but to make wise decisions for your home and your children. And their children.

Ok. So - I'm still in Phoenix ... my family is here and we're having a really great time. What did I do during those "alone" hours before they arrived? Well - I did some of the little leftover housekeeping - put some sheets on the bed, folded some towels, emptied the dishwasher. I watched a couple of movies (THAT was a luxury ... especially watching what I wanted!!). I did a massive grocery shop and prepared/put things away. I went to the fantastic mall that's a bit of a drive away - and meandered around with all the time in the world. It really was great - and although it started with tears and felt really lonely, near the end I was actually feeling good about it and myself. That was really special.

And now? Well - we tend to do the same things around here on a daily basis ... the park, the pool, the stores ... but here are a couple of pics I've taken. I really need to bring the camera out a little more often around here ...

Hope YOU'RE having a "good one".

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Treena said...

Such good words Tania! Its so important to know what is going on in our world and pay attention. Hope you continue to enjoy your time in Phoenix. :)