11 October 2008

[talk: My Silhouette Isn't Me. Is it?]

Do you ever wonder what you look like? I mean, REALLY look like? After being in Phoenix this past week and a bit, I've been constantly reminded of what I think I look like and how I feel about that.

I did "The Biggest Loser" a couple months back, and have sadly gained a couple pounds back *sigh* and it totally taints how I feel about myself. What is WITH that??? When I walk into a store and eye a top I'll think "Hmm ... I'm pretty sure those sleeves will cut the circulation off of my heifer arms," or "Nope - you have to have a chest to put it that one ...". And I don't try things on based on my vision of what I think I look like.

Now - it's true - there are things about each of us that we don't like. Maybe even things that we would all agree arent, well, attractive. And we cover and disguise those flaws as best as we can. We feel GOOD about ourselves when we master those disguises, and even brag about them: "Oh this top?? It magically covers the hairy mole that dangles from my shoulder." Ok. Well, maybe not exactly THAT. But you get the idea.

I saw something on t.v. a while back. This lady, who lost a bucket load of weight, had a distorted view of her body. So the host asked her to draw a life-size outline of what she thought she looked like. Then, he laid her on it, and sketched the TRUE outline with a different colour marker and had her stand up and evaluate it. The comparison was shocking. She saw herself so differently than what she really was.

Isn't this the case? Bad skin, stretch marks, small feet, big feet, honkin' nose (oh, I know all about that one) - whatever it is - how do others see you? I'm sure it's different than how YOU see you ... and most importantly, it's not how our Father sees us.

So, tomorrow, when I put on that shirt that is 2 pounds too tight because I chose to have dessert 3 days ago (ok - and a few other things too ...) I am going to chose to see myself the way He does. And when I put on my makeup and get frustrated with the crooked face (oh yes, it's crooked) and do my hair that separates in lumps if I don't wash it daily, I will choose to see myself the way He does.

At least I'll try.

Tomorrow - I'll post some pics. I've got some super cute ones, but it's already almost tomorrow *11:40pm* so I'd better post THIS one now ... so I can post that one tomorrow *grin*. Did you get that??

Nighty night friends. And if you have any thoughts on this - would love to hear them. Wisdom from many brains is better than just one *wink*. That is, if you consider any of that grumble wisdom *wink wink*.

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Annika said...

This post is so true! I find that, as girls, we probably are the most hard on ourselves and how we see ourselves.
My husband is eternally frustrated with me and my bad body image.
Good for you to try to let your insecurities go and see yourself at HE sees you!
I have also learned that image is far from everything and having people around you who love you and most importantly, having HIS love you is what matters the most of all! I try to remind myself of that everyday.