23 October 2008

[talk: The Pumpkin Patch]

Today we went to the pumpkin patch. My hubby couldn't come - but I ventured out with some friends and the boys had SO much fun. We were there until lunchtime - not like I didn't have anything to do at home!! And now - the boys are at their grandparents, and we are finishing up the final details of packing. We're off for the airport at 7am and heading for Miami.

It all seems surreal ... is it really happening?? Have we really left our boys *sob*?? Will we really come home refreshed and ready-to-go?

Sure hope so!

Here are some pics of our day ... sorry - but I really think we have the cutest little guys in the world. Oh dear - is that a tear??


Anonymous said...

You will be fine until day five...then you will notice every kid on the ship...and gulp a little. And then remind yourself that it will all be over very soon...and you will go back to waking at the crack of dawn, wiping EVERYTHING down and eating nuggets of some sort. So enjoy!!!! And BTW - I love being a Mumsie to two boys (I always love your pictures of the boys)...it is such a special thing. Note to all Mums reading: they are all special! We all the get the very precious wee ones that we are supposed to raise. I am just so appreciative of my boys, thier relationship with Steve and I, thier relationship to each other - our family, I suppose - and I always thought I wanted THREE girls! God's got a handle on just how my family should look. Who knew? heehee Jxxoo

Jane said...

Just stopping by - Michele Y told me 'bout your blog. Love it.

Michele also suggested I talk to you about a beginner's digi scrapbooking class? I've got about 4 friends who'd be interested as well. Do you do private parties?

Hoping we can work something out: ojane@shaw.ca