12 October 2008

[vacations: Still Away. Still Lovin' It.]

So - this condo is "home away from home" for us. I know where the best shopping is, where the yummiest brick-oven pizza is, and what my favourite Cold Stone Ice Cream concoction is. Does that make me a Phoenix pro?? No, no, no ... but I love discovering new things in this city and tomorrow - we might just venture out to find ourselves a local lake. Tuesday? We're off to the Arizona State Fair ... Wednesday - not really sure. And Thursday - oh, well - I'll be getting that manicure/pedicure my GFs got for me before we fly home late that night.

I struggle with how lighthearted or how substantial my posts should be. I like to think - and blogging gives me a way to communicate some of the big things on my mind. I like to know what you think too, and learn from that. But for today - I'll put my political, ethical, spiritual and whatever-ical thoughts to rest. For today, it'll just be about our vacation *smile*.

Here are some pics ...

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Anonymous said...

Wow!!! Looks like you are having so much fun!!! I didn't realize Phoenix was so warm this time of year. Enjoy your sunny day today. I woke up to a Rainy Langley morning (boo hoo)
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!