19 December 2008

[photos: Preschool Christmas Concert & Snow on Christmas Equals FREE Stuff]

Is there ANYTHING sweeter than a Preschool Christmas Concert? I don't think so - as every parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle and friend just beamed at today's concert.

It was well planned, with a lot of singing and sign language done by the children. There were poems and questions answered by eager little ones. "Mattias, who do you buy for at Christmas time?", to which he politely answered - "Daddy."

Which is funny, not because he didn't mention my title, but because he calls my hubby "Papa". My hubby and I looked at each other and shrugged.

And today was GLORIOUS with clear skies and crisp, white snow. They say this may be the first Christmas since 1971, where the entire country will have a WHITE Christmas. For you locals, pay attention: Mad Dog Sport & Ski has insurance on this because their slogan states that if there is 6inches of snow on Christmas day, EVERYTHING is free. Start lining up early, I say. And that's worth missing Christmas morning, don't you think?? We'd love to get the boys some free ski equipment :-) ...

Hmmm ... they'll have to have SOME sort of regulations on that ... or someone will just walk in and take everything ... and sell it on ebay *grin*.

Have a good one!


Candice said...

Cute ! Braedy's was really cute yesterday too. He knew EVERY word of EVERY song !
About the Mad Dogs thing, didn't they do it last year, and it is on previous purchases (made within a certain time frame) that become free ?? Otherwise that would be the LAST place I would want to be on Christmas Day...FREE FOR ALL !
Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas !

Canadian Kristin said...

Awwwwwwwwww... so cute to see the boys in the snow and Mattias in his Christmas pageant!