08 January 2009

[digiscrap: 2009 is Shaping Up Nicely!!]

OHHHHH - sooo much to tell - so much happening in 2009!!

But first, can I tell you how giddy I am about tonight? What am I doing? Oh - well - I'm home ALONE tonight *grin*. Is that mean? Selfish? Honestly - I don't care *grin*. It's been 17 days IN A ROW that we've had something on. This is my night to get in my jammies and digiscrap my brains out ... My hubby is playing two hockey games tonight. He asked, "Is that ok?" OK??? GO for it *grin*!!

I think I'll have a chai tea too. OH! And maybe give myself a pedicure. OOOOOh - how EXCITING!!

On a different note, I'm INSANELY PUMPED about the fact that I'm going to (drum roll please) AUSTRALIA and NEW ZEALAND in May!! WHOO HOO!! How did I pull that one off? My folks are going and invited me to come along. I'll have a week in Sydney and a week in Auckland with my family. My hubby and boys are staying home ... fifteen days I'll have on my own. Not sure how pumped I'll be by day 5 - BUT - it's a chance of a lifetime and I'm soooo excited to go!

AND my hubby was asked to be a groomsman at our friend's wedding in LONDON in September!! September is a busy month for my hubby at work, but we think we can go for 4 or 5 days. Maybe even catch a flight to Paris for the night ... our friend told us we could get one for maybe $40CDN. CRAZY. I can't even imagine!!

So - this year is looking good so far. I love having things to look forward to ... and I love to document them once they've happened. I'm actually on digipage number 28 of our cruise right now ... I'll post them when I'm totally done. Maybe I'll finish them tonight *fingers crossed*!

Ok - enough about me ... how are YOU?? Seems to be a bit silent out there *grin* ... are you all vacationing without a PC? *shudder*. Would love to know if 2009 is shapin' up nicely for you too. If you stop by, drop me a note ... maybe let me know if there's something in particular you're looking for in my posts? Recipes? Digiscrap? Random banter *grin*?

Whatever the case, I wish you a glorious day and hope that you're taking a moment for yourself today. And for now, here are some of my recent digipages ... enjoy.
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Still Enjoying the Journey said...

Nice Tawn! Congratulations on another year of travel! Enjoy. Buddy and I will be in England for 10 days at the end of the month for a Norford family reunion (incl my sis's!) ... should be fun!
Your layouts are great ... how do you do that funky stuff with the photos (ie downstairs hockey)? Is that PSE or something different ... so much to learn! Looking forward to learning from you in 2009!

Crystal said...

Wow, that does sound like one exciting year! Love your digi scrapping pages:)I think I am going to have to learn how to do it one of these days. With a baby coming into my life in June, I don't htink I am going to have the time or patients for regular scrapbooking. What program do you use? and is it easy to learn?

Amanda said...

Fun 2009 ahead for YOU!!
My MIL bought me the Creative Memories digi-scrap program for Christmas and I am looking forward to trying it out! (Need an external hard drive first though - our comp has no memory space). I think I want to make a book for Makena's 1st year!

Tawn said...

Alex - for the hockey pages I fiddle around with the "overlay" option on the photo in the layers.

Crystal - if you're expecting, NOW'S the time to learn :-). You could do pages while your wee one naps. And you could be right up-to-date from the beginning. IMAGINE!! ... and I teach classes from my home, if you're interested.

Amanda - external harddrives aren't too expensive. Let me know how the program works for you ... I'm always interested in how others do things!

Still Enjoying the Journey said...

Good to know ...thx Tawn!
Amanda ... don't know you, but I started my digi-scrapping on CM Story Book plus 2 years ago. I think it's a great way to get started! I have just recently started using Photoshop Elements with a desire to have more professional options ... go for it! I think you will enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Tawn, I'm super happy that the Oz?NZ thing is going to work out for you! Can't wait until you can shar the pics from that trip.
And, although I totally understand, I will be sad if you don't come on down to visit us when you are in London/Paris. Isn't free better than $40?! However, our village, alas, is not Paris. We do have better weather/beaches though.

Anonymous said...

hi, i came across your blog accidently and have enjoyed reading about your digiscrap. i'm in nz and have never heard about it, but have now done some research and think i will give it a go. just one question - what do you do with the pages once you have designed them? do you leave them on your computer or do you print them and display them somehow? ... thanks kelly

Lisa B. said...

Hey girl...sounds like 2009 is shaping up to be a fabulous year. Love you're digi pages....always beautiful and always creative.

I'm on the hunt for new recipes for this new year...you seem to have ton so post some more, okay?!?!


Tawn said...

kelly - I upload them to a store here called Costco. I don't think you have them in NZ ... but hunt around and see where you can print off 12x12 or 12x18 (and just cut off the extra). You're in metric,though. So are we in Canada - but we still do some things in Imperial :-). I'm curious - how did you find me??

Lise - I've got some good recipes up my sleeve ... get your note pad ready :-)

Crystal said...

Thanks, I would love to know when you teach one! I live in Chilliwack but work in Langley...till may that is:) so yeh, if you are teaching one in the next couple of months let me know!

Anonymous said...

i found your blog through a link on sarah sweetman's blog. (i'm steve's cousin)... i've just discovered a night class in digiscrap which i am going to do ... am looking forward to it ...i'm keen to see what other scrapbooking pages you produce! kelly

The Rowley Family said...

hey. i found your blog through ruthanne's facebook. we went to cla when we were living in bc and we chatted a bit. thank you for your words- they remind me to have hope.

Yin said...

Fabulous layouts as usual! You have a way with colors and layout, but I think it has something to do with those photos you take too! :)