21 January 2009

[digiscrap & talk: Just Twiddlin' My Thumbs.]

HA! As if!! I may not have been blogging, but I have been out-of-control busy and feeling good about it. As long as I have an hour or two at SOME point in the day to have some silence - it's all good.

What have I been doing?? Well - the BIGGEST thing is still yet to come. I've been working on a new project-of-sorts. And it's been a time consuming venture and, although a creative outlet, a bit mind boggling at the same time. I'll be happy when it's finished ... because then, it can start! And then I can share it with you.

What else? Well, I've been preparing for the Women's Encounter that I'm leading worship for this weekend. I'm not staying the entire weekend, but coming home after the evening service on the Saturday night. This will be my 4th Encounter, and each time I look more and more forward to it. It's a chance to regroup, connect with others and just BE. It's out in the boonies *grin* - on a lake and is QUIET. I'm looking forward to that!

On Monday night, I felt a massive push to write ... and I haven't written any music since our church did an all-originals CD back in 2006. Sure, I've tried - but nothing's come. Just a bunch of little diddies that have no "omph" to them - and nothing ever finished. But Monday night, this song came to me and was written in less than an hour. That hasn't happened since "Just As I Am" ... and I felt such gratitude that I could still create something for Him. So grateful!

SO - I think I'm going to try it up at Encounter and see how it goes. Maybe I'll post it on here too ... just have to finish the legalities of it first.

So, see? Just twiddlin' my thumbs ... *grin*.

"NOW". It's working! ... oh. And here are a few pages I've done in those quiet moments *grin*.


devan said...

Love the pictures Tania! I took over 1000 pictures in south africa this last month!

Candice said...

Oooh, can't wait to hear your new song.
Question: What ARE quiet moments ?? Let me know where I can get a few of those ! *smile*

Still Enjoying the Journey said...

Hey girl ... LOVE your layouts. So simple, yet captivating ... thank you for you sharing. BTW, where'd ya get those stiched snowflakes? Very cool! ~A

Tawn said...

hi Alex ...

The kit "In My Dreams" found at oscraps has the stitched snowflakes ... copy and paste: http://www.oscraps.com/shop/product.php?productid=21262&cat=0&page=2

... Candice ... I'm going to be brave and post the song. Maybe :-).

Devan ... I'm shocked. Only 1000 pics?? Please tell me that it was actually 3200, and you edited it down to 1000 *grin*.

Canadian Kristin said...

Glad to hear your writing is flowing again! Awesome! Great digi pages, too!

Anonymous said...

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