28 January 2009

[organize: Gotta Plan to Make It Work]


I'm here? Are you? So sorry that I haven't been posting anything as of late ... and would you believe that I've been on the computer MORE in the last 2 weeks than ever before?? "Project 101" is almost done ... can't WAIT to share it with you. But, alas, you'll have to wait until it's completed ... although, I AM tempted ...

So, I was sitting here eating leftover Chicken & Vegetable soup and a glass of yummy cranberry (and half water *grin*) juice and I thought, "HEY! I haven't posted a menu plan!" And maybe it's not overly helpful for you, but it sure helps ME a lot. Is that selfish??

MONDAY: at in-laws
TUESDAY: Chicken & Vegetable soup, garlic bread (courtesy of my hubby)
WEDNESDAY: Marinated Flank Steak, scalloped potatoes, green beans
THURSDAY: Whole Wheat Fettuccine with Rosa Sauce, salad
FRIDAY: hoping to go out ...

Why am I hoping to go out on Friday? Because my hubby is leaving Saturday morning to Phoenix with 4 of his friends for four nights. They're off on a "Golf/Sporting Events" weekend ... it's out-of-control. Every day/night there's either a golf game, hockey game, basketball game ... or how 'bout this? The SUPERBOWL is happening that weekend IN Phoenix!

I'm glad to stay at home and have the remote to myself *grin* and I'm wondering how tired he'll be when he returns ...

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Crystal said...

Is Rosa sauce the same as Rose...if so, yummy, and next question do you make yours from scratch...and if so can you share:)!!!