15 January 2009

[talk: The Time is NOW]

A friend of mine had a great challenge ... to find a WORD to describe what you want out of 2009. At least, that's how I interpreted it *smile*.

The word came instantly: NOW. The concept being that tomorrow is too late.

Too many times I say, "tomorrow". And I'm someone who isn't really known for not getting things done - but due to the massive list of things I WANT to do, something always seem to have to wait until tomorrow.

But "NOW" doesn't mean feeling guilty tomorrow for what I didn't do today. No, NOW means using NOW the best that I can. Maybe it means staying up late and completing a song that I've been working on, or maybe it means going to bed early just to make sure that I get the necessary sleep I need to be a good mom the next day. NOW means not making excuses for things I'm afraid to start. Or finish. NOW means that I don't have regrets about wasting the time that God gave me NOW to use. And if it's used to host, clean, sing, play, go out, work out, read, meet new people ... it doesn't matter. As long as the NOW counted.

So - this word has lit a fire under me. There are so many, many things that I'm going to be doing this year that are because of NOW. And I'll get into that in another post ... But because I've named it and called it what it is - it makes me more aware of it.

NOW. And today - was good *smile*.

How 'bout you? Does this ring a bell for you too?


Shawna said...

Great word, I like that it has specific meaning for you.

I'm sure we could all take that word and apply it for ourselves too!

Happy 2009 NOW! ;)

Yin said...

Hi Tawn! I like your word, so apt and actually very rich. I've been thinking about it too, and mine is "appreciate". Soemthing along the lines of cherish, appreciate everyday and everything and everyone I 've been blessed with, and being joyful because I appreciate it all, and finally to show it, to dh, my children, mom, mom in law, and so on. Let's keep each other going!