08 February 2009

[make: Cars Birthday Cake - MACK the Truck]


Another birthday party under wraps - and honestly, it really was nothing special. It was my 2 year old's party, and his birthday was back in January ... but we figured everyone needed the break and a party in February would work best.

After having Mattias' birthday party in the summer, I found myself STUCK as to what to do for a 2 year old's party. I mean, you can't do organized games or crafts ... soooo - I just made a big lunch and us mommies, and a few daddies, sat around and hung out while the kids played. I felt so ... lazy? I guess ... because I really hadn't PLANNED anything ... Ah well, what I DID do was decorate AND make Josiah the greatest cake I could for him.

After Mattias' "Cars Cake", all Tias could ask was, "What kind of cake are you making Siah??" Oh. Right. YIKES. So ... after a few different convesations about some ideas I had, I decided to do Mack from the Cars movie ... Siah LOVES car trailers, and I thought I would "disect" the side of the cake, and place little cars and voila ... the perfect cake.

WELL - HE loved it ... crazy loved it. And that's what mattered. But I definitely did some things wrong ... like, WHY I chose to ice the side of the cake in brown instead of red, I'll never know. I wasn't even going to ice it - just so you could see the 4 layers of cake with chocolate frosting inbetween. But then, I thought, "Ohhh - the cake will dry out!". So then I started icing with the chocolate frosting. Thus. The 2 toned, wacked out cake.
I used a toy Mack Truck for the front - and cut two 9x13 cakes down the middle and stacked them with icing. I only used 3 levels ... Then, I iced and cut little caverns out to place the toy cars. I was SO frustrated when I couldn't find the whole set we have ... just my luck. It would've looked cuter with a stack-load of cars. Then, I couldn't figure out where to put the "Happy Birthday", so I just melted some chocolate in a ziplock, cut the corner off, and piped the wording. Done.

So, FAR from perfect, but as I said - HE loved it. Here are some pics of the Mack Cake.


Rishana said...

Well Done Tawn!!!! It turned out awesome!

AlisonVeritas said...

this is very cool and creative! seriously I think it's easier to be a mom to girls, castles and flowers etc. trucks and cars are hard!

Kristin said...

So fun! What a great idea to use the real truck and then carve spots for the cars on the cake trailer! Love it!

devan said...

Tawn! My birthday's in April! Do I get a cake ??

Christa said...

Funny I was JUST thinking and looking online because Jacob's 2nd birthday is in 2 months. Boys and their cars eh!!??! Way too cute. JJ lines up all his cars just like Siah did (does?) except JJ does them bumper to bumper. Where do they come up with these cute ideas? Anyways, you did a great job- that was a creative idea to make the cake like that.

Anonymous said...

What size of Mack Truck did you buy? I want to do this, but I can never find a Mack Truck at our local stores and will have to buy it online.

Tawn said...

... it's not a very big truck - it was a toy he already had. It's a few inches high and about 10-12 inches long ... It was a long time ago :-). Would love to see your photos of it if you make it!!

~ Tawn

Anonymous said...

Am just loving this idea! y boy is 3 in a few weeks and just adores Mack/Cars/and transporter trucks. Am definitely going to steal your idea! Thanks for sharing