15 March 2009

[talk: Keep On Keepin' On ...]

Honestly ... I am pretty tired. Siah was up at 5am ... AGAIN. And it's just me upstairs now, just me getting up over and over again. Plus, Tias is on the couch with stomach cramps and Lu is complaining about his aching leg.


Does anyone notice that I'm sick? *grin*?? I was up most of the night hacking up crusties (I'm good at imagery, no?) and rotating what side I was lying on based on which nostril was open. Fun times ... *smile*. Ok. It's not remotely comparable to the problems of the world, but today, for me, I'm just about done.

I was reminding the Lord that I could do this, if He'd just let me get a full night's sleep. Seems to me that I was rising to the challenge, maybe even passing, so He thought He'd bring it up a notch.

I'm reading a book called "Battlefield of the Mind" by Joyce Myers. I'm only at the beginning, but it basically has been talking about "victim mentality" and how our thoughts really can dictate our days, our lives. How true ... I find that when I mope and feel so tired and blah blah blah - I feel worse. But when I say, "You know what? Today IS better than yesterday ... and I know I'll have strength for tomorrow," it changes everything.

This is also to remind myself to be careful of allowing other's words to influence me negatively. Pity loves company ... although I do think it's healthy to have trustworthy family and friends to "vent" to. But people forget how powerful their words are. They can destroy in one foul swoop.

So my challenge to myself today is to watch my OWN words. My words to my kids, to those who call for a chat, to my poor couch-ridden husband. I will do my best to not complain *smile* when I'm asked to go up those blasted stairs for the 5th time in the hour.

OH!!! And I'm DONE the wedding pics. Oh, I am SOOOO pleased with them. I got them down to 740 from 2300 ... with about 250 of them being really great, and the others more "candid"/"documentary" style ... so not necessarily what you'd hang on your wall, but what one would enjoy looking back on.

I will post the link to my redhanded blog when I choose a few to post. How do I choose??? I may be uploading for eternity ...

For now, I'll leave you with some family bowling fun. We went a couple of weekends ago with my bro-in-law and sis-in-law and cousins ... the boys LOVED it. It'll be a looooong time before my hubby can do that again ... *sigh*.

Ah well. *smile* Have a good one!

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