08 April 2009

[talk: Countdown to Ultrasound]

It's 8am. My ultrasound is at 10:30am.

How am I feeling? Nervous. Very nervous.

Why? Because this pregnancy has already had some strange things in it - and I have actually had "pain" (like a pulled muscle? not labour cramping ...).

Obviously, the most important thing is our baby ... so I may be faced with having to cancel my dream-trip with my parents to NZ / Auz. Would I be disappointed? Sure. Would I do anything to ensure the safe arrival of our wee one. You bet.

SO ... if you read this before I post the update - would you mind taking a moment and lifting our little one up to our Heavenly Father? I know that I will feel your prayers as the doppler scans it's way across my growing belly ....

Thank you.


Shawna said...

we're praying for you and trusting that everything will be just fine!

xo, *S

Niki said...


I've been reading our blog a lot lately and I wanted to drop you a quick note to say I've been praying for you and your family this last week. I'll be on my 3 mile walk while your having your ultrasound and will definitely spend some time lifting you and your family up in my prayers! Thinking of you... xox


Niki said...

Sorry, meant to say 'your' blog : )


Jason and Kristin said...

We are praying - call or text if you have any news ok? Love ya