06 April 2009

[talk: These Are The Days of Our Lives ...]

Did you ever watch that show? You know, "Days of Our Lives"? I have to admit that when I was in highschool, I watched it in the summer - only to have to wean myself from the addiction of "what's next" by the time fall rolled around.

Well. I haven't watched that show since '92 - but I have FELT like there's a deep voice introducing my day for these past few weeks ... "... these are the Days of Our Lives ...". HA!! *grin*

How THANKFUL I am I to say that today has been boring *laughing*. Uneventful ... normal!! I did some grocery shopping after dropping Tias off at preschool, picked him up, made lunch for the family, watched the boys play in the sunshine, put the wee one to bed for his nap ... and now I'm getting ready to start planning the week.

We have a lot on our calendar ... I'm doing a photoshoot on Thursday - really low key, low stress - and I'm looking so forward to it. Then it's Easter long weekend ... we have a few things planned with the kids ... should be a good weekend. Then next weekend I'm leading worship at Absolute Adoration and also on the Sunday morning. So there'll be a couple of practices that week ... but again, not high stress - just something I really enjoy.

My hubby DID bring something up today ... my NZ / Auz trip ... he very carefully asked if I thought I should still go. "WHAT???" I panicked. I am so looking forward to this time with my parents and think it's perfect timing after all that has gone on around here. But - obviously - we don't want to do anything stupid. So, we agreed that Wednesday's ultrasound will give us our answer.

Have you been able to get outside today? It is GLORIOUS ... and yesterday, my mom-in-law and I walked the boys to the park for some much needed exercise ...

Here are some pics ...

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Crystal said...

I am pretty sure that if you were to flip on Day's today...the story line would still be exactly the same:)!