29 April 2009

[vacations: Swine Flu. Not fun.]

I am keeping my eye on this "Swine Flu" thing.

My hubby's assistant is getting married this Saturday - and found out yesterday that her honeymoon plans to Cancun have been cancelled due to the ban on traveling into Mexico. Another friend of mine told me that her friend's vacation plans to Cabo San Lucas were cancelled as well. Them and a host of other unfortunate travelers.

And the numbers of the infected continue to rise in America. To see a global map of the infected, click here. But make sure when you view, you deselect "influenza" and just have "swine flu" - otherwise it may cause you more concern than necessary.

CNN has reported that the WHO warning levels have been moved up to Pandemic Level. Not good. I'm honestly not living in that fear of "oh my WORD. We're all going to die" thing that I would've felt a few weeks ago. But I am needing to be cautious. Concerned isn't the right word, but I'm AWARE of what's going on - and am praying that if it's unsafe to travel for me and my parents to Australia on Sunday, then the doors will close by then.

Not only could it be unsafe, Australia could close it's doors to travelers to help protect themselves. Or New Zealand could follow suit. That could potentially leave us stranded, or simply on an aircraft returning home earlier than planned.

I will be sorely disappointed if our trip is cancelled, but it's only a vacation. If this outbreak really does start making it's way into my own neighbourhood, then I'll want to be here with my family. I'm praying that I won't be the one having to choose ... I'm praying that the doors will be wide open for us to go, or slammed shut.


Laura said...

My sister and her hubby are in Mexico right now! I heard that flights come back as late as Monday, which is when they're scheduled to return. So I hear ya, definitely "aware" of it and praying the ones we love don't come into contact... and don't bring it home! Praying that the doors will open and close for you as the Lord sees fit.

Why-Von said...

Hi Tania -

Just thought you might want to read the following link re. swine flu. I don't always read this doctor but this article is interesting and could ease some concern re. the potential pandemic. I heard of this web site from the nutritionist lady who always talks at our ladies things at church.