30 April 2009

[freebies: A Birthday Gift from Me to You ...]

Ok - SOOOO - it's my birthday today and I wanted to give you all something. Lucky for me, Funky Playground Designs has continued it's design contest and there are some cute free kits up!! You have to register, though – so simply have a user name and email addy and you’re good to go.

1. go to

2. click "gallery" at the top.
3. scroll down to "Capture the Flag"
4. there are PAGES of FREE KITS.
5. Enjoy!!

And thank you for your comments about the Swine Flu ... many of you contacted me privately to share your thoughts and experiences on the subject.

I decided to talk to a family friend, who is a doctor, and get his take on things. He said that there was nothing really to worry about, and that I should be more afraid of going to the doctor's office where people ARE sick, then on the airplane. Apparently, airplanes have very good air filtration - better than going to church, or the mall, or the grocery store.
He also said that the thing he would be more concerned about, would be blood clots. So he gave me instructions to get up and walk around every 1-2 hours - except when sleeping through the night.

In regards to air travel and the Swine Flu, I found this article on CNN and think that it was full of helpful information. Plus, I think I'll purchase one of those masks - just for some added protection.
And my mom - due to a recent flight from my city to Sydney having a 5000ft drop mid-flight, causing the plane to have to land in Hawaii due to 12 injuries on the plane - she was told that this is a VERY rare thing to happen.

So, am I going? Yes. Unless I am told to do otherwise. And I'm starting to get excited ... this is actually going to happen *smile*. Yay!

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sugarcube said...

YAY for you!!! I am glad it is all working out, what an exciting trip...and what a gift to be able to do this with your parents. Precious. Janean