05 May 2009

I'm here!!!

I can hardly believe it - but even as I type this and look over the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge ... I still have to pinch myself.
Our flight was uneventful - a few bumps, but I actually found them relaxing as I slept ... strange, I know. But a real relief that I may have kicked this "fear of flying" thing!

We arrived yesterday at 8:30am Auz time, and met my cousin Lance. We made our way back too the hotel, which is only blocks away from the Harbour, and then walked down to a Cafe for some brunch.

It was important to us that we try and get on Auz time, so we thought we should just keep going - and so we took a 45 minute ferry ride to Manly (great name, eh?) and walked through the little town to the beach.

After, we came back to the hotel and got ready for dinner. Lance suggested a Thai restaurant, so we gladly went. It was MIGHTY spicy for me *grin*, but I still got enough to eat ... and the conversation was lovely.

By the time 8pm rolled around, I could barely keep my eyes open. We chose to walk back to the hotel, said good bye to Lance and then headed for bed. My folks slept in the bedroom and I slept on a cot in the living area ... but it was so comfy, that I fell asleep instantly.
I woke up at 4am ... then rolled over, back to sleep - and arose at 7:30am. It's SO great to be on Auz time already!!
Right now, I'm typing from the breakfast room in the hotel ... Auntie Ruth is taking in the view from the deck, my mom is catching up on her emails, and my dad is trying to figure out how he's going to watch the Canuck game in 2 hours *grin*.

Me? Well - I Skyped my family last night, and today ... Tias is very emotional, but getting better knowing that we'll be able to talk every day. Josiah is Josiah ... he's 2 and just thinks it's cool that Mommy is on the computer.

My hubby says all is well ... sure hope so - it's only been a day or so :-).

The plan today is - nothing :-). I might find a salon and chop off my hair. Or digi scrap in the park just below ... I am feeling relaxed and content. I miss my home and my boys, but with Skype, I feel that I am still connected a little and can keep up to date with what's at home.

Tonight we're heading for dinner tonight at the Sydney Tower ... and I am taking it all in.

This already has been a trip of a lifetime. I am so grateful. Having one on one time with my parents is such a gift ...

And to you all - wherever you are - stop and give your mom a call. Give your dad a hug. Our parents are gifts that we take for granted ... our legacy is what they've given us ...

So to you, today, I wish you all the best of what today can be!!


The Janzen Clan said...

Tawn! You're going to have an amazing trip! I'm looking forward to the updates and the pictures etc that I know will come. ;D As for your hair, its very cute right now. I meant to tell you that the other night, JUST so you know. However, I understand these needs especially when pregnant! Ha ha. We HAVE to at least feel great about our hair eh! Have FUN! PS- I found going to Oz fine, it was the time change soming home that I found hard... I hope you do alright. :)

sugarcube said...

Whooooo Hoooooo! Janean