07 July 2009

[talk: The Bachelorette]

Ok ... so I actually watched last night's episode in "super quick" mode this morning ... so scared that I would hear the outcome before I watched it.

If you HAVEN'T watched it ... don't read on.

I am feeling like I need to sterilize my home after watching Wes and his low-life, slimeball ways. I guess every show needs a villian ... but seriously? What girlfriend would LET her man go on a show like this in the first place? And how he thinks this will HELP his career, I have no clue. A total scoundrel. Ick, ick, ick.

So - I found this. It's a supposed interview of the famous "Laurel" and her comments about her relationship with Wes. I don't know ... sounds like a life full of drama, lies and ick. Honestly - that poor girl is probably going to go dooooown with Wes. Anyone who chooses him, needs help.
And that limo ride, his words, his attitude, his arrogance ... if you want your dinner to come up just one more time, you can find it here.

What do I think? Well - for some reason, that Reid guy keeps earning more points for me. He seems really genuine, and I like his sense of humour and how he isn't afraid to call her on things, in a funny way. I'm a BIG Ed fan ... but this past episode, he seemed a little too reserved. Maybe it's in the editing ... but they sure did a lot of kissing. Guess that's a good sign? And Kipton? Nice guy ... didn't like the family-date thing though. His mom's a bit "off" for me. And he doesn't seem to be giving the answers that Jillian wanted to hear. Bad thing? Not necessarily ... honest enough, I think.

Are you waiting for Shawna's blog too?? This girl has a play-by-play of "The Bachelorette" every week ... but has been away, so I'm hoping she'll post something entertaining (as always) on her blog soon. You can find it here.

Ok ... off and away ... time to pick up Tias from Hockey Camp, pay the granite guy and the vanity-maker-dude. Hopefully the lighting guy shows up ... was supposed to be here at 9am. Now he's coming at 1pm. Such is the world of renos *grin* ....

OH!! And if you haven't voted on "boy" or "girl" in my blogpoll ... would love for you to take a moment and vote. This kind of thing always intrigues me ... *smile*

Have a great one!

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