06 July 2009

[tias: Hockey Camp]

Preschool has only been out for a week, and Tias is already losing his mind with boredom around here. It doesn't help that we've been renovating, and that I'm unable to maneuver myself on the trampoline anymore ...

So - my hubby was pretty pumped to get Tias into Hockey Camp. We hummed and hawed over what sport to put him in the fall, but Tias knew exactly what he wanted to play: hockey. So - to get him prepared, on the ice, handling a stick - we thought it best to put him into a camp with his friend, EM.

I brought him there at 8am this morning, had to put his gear on (you should've seen me ... not my best moment, trying to figure out what when on first *grin*), then off he went. There are 12 boys in his "camp", ranging from Tias' age (4) to 12 yrs old. Tias is by FAR the weakest, littlest guy out there - but all the big kids were encouraging him, helping him, hi-fiving him ...

I'm off to pick him up at 1:30pm, and am hoping he had a FANTASTIC time ... and that he'll be pumped to do it all over again tomorrow *grin*!!

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