20 July 2009

[talk: Man, It's Hot.]

I just got out of my car, and it's thermostat read 34degrees Celsius. What on earth? No wonder my feet are swollen and my skin feels like it's being stretched like a cruel joke.

Ah well. Not much longer. And I am MIGHTY thankful for the air conditioning we have on our main floor. Makes everything so much better.

I'm feeling well, and had a productive day. I wish I had more energy, as Siah is no longer having an afternoon nap, and I can cart him around no problem. I tried to get too much done, and now I'm a bit spent.

I went to buy some "bottoms" to wear. Not underwear *blush*, BOTTOMS. You know, like shorts/skirts ... something that didn't leave an indent in my skin *grin*. Well, I wasn't terribly successful - partly because I don't want to spend $49.99 on a pair of jean shorts that I'll only wear for 7 or so weeks. And the Before & After shorts were not comfy at all. But I did find one pair of yoga-style shorts on the sale wrack. That's good, I s'pose.

I always check out news-sites, as we don't collect the city's newspaper. I found this on CNN, and it concerns me because I haven't been vaccinated for the flu this year. I'm very aware of being around sick-ish people and am washing my hands often. Being pregnant during this flu-scare can be a bit nerve-wracking.

Here's the article, not to scare - just to inform. I'm a big believer that ignorance isn't bliss - although paranoia is equally a waste.

I've got much to post over the next few days ... talk soon, k?


AlisonVeritas said...

When I went through my utter panic over flu this year, with Poet etc, I learned that the vaccinations offered this year weren't great and didn't get the right strains. The promise a much improved one this fall as well as a separate one for H1N1, which won't be ready until about Christmas. So that's good news!

AlisonVeritas said...

ugh, I just read the article. AWFUL! BUT the chance of a baby living at 26 weeks gestation is low anyway, aside from swine flu. what on earth are you doing reading sad baby stories when you're pregnant silly girl?