21 August 2009

[new baby: The Heirloom Blanket]

When I was pregnant with Josiah, my mother pulled out the circular, white blanket that my Nana had knitted for my arrival. Mom had kept it in pristine condition for 32 years. I wish I could say that it was in the SAME condition *blush*, but I CAN say that it is certainly LOVED by Siah. He has chewed it, pulled it, dragged it - you name it. And it's not so much "white", as it is *cough* ... gray-ish?? He LOVES his blanket.

Well - when we found out we were pregnant with this new little one (come ONNNN baby ... ), I asked my mom if she would consider knitting a blanket for him/her. She actually was pretty excited about it, went out and picked a pattern and the softest white yarn ... and today she presented it to me.

Wanna see?

And wanna see what it looks like in the nursery? Ok - so wehaven't changed the room at all since we prepared it for Josiah. Why bother? I like it, it's calm and cozy ... and if it's a girl - well, then I just might "girly" it up. If it's a boy ... for me, it's perfect.

We did do a LITTLE bit of renos on this room - only in that the carpet was changed and the baseboards/crown moulding were added. Here's the room ... and the most lovely blanket, made with love ...
And I'll let you know that she reads my blog ... so if you are so inclined, you can let her know what a FANTASTIC job she did ... she really did! I'm sure that would make her day! Thanks mom!!
Now on to Tias' blanket?? *wink*


Canadian Kristin said...

WOW! That is a very beautiful and loved-filled blanket. I can see the hugs and Grandma-prayers woven in amongst the billowy soft rises and falls of the design. Very well done, Grandma! This baby is sure to feel loved when holding this special blanket!!!

And Tania, hooray for posting an updated pic of yourself! You are adorable and so very round and full looking... come ONNNN, Baby!!! :-) {hugs}

Lisa B. said...

Truly beautiful....I love it!

I'm sure it will be loved and loved for years to come by the new babe.
Looking forward to seeing a little one in that new blanket really soon.