02 September 2009

[biggest loser: I'm a Mom. Not a Loser.]


Usually a day that I look forward to, because I LOVE our home church, our friends & family there ... plus, I usually add a bit of lipgloss and put on a skirt for the day.
This past Sunday, I'm not sure what happened. See, I KNOW that Katia was only 4 days old - but for some reason I was convinced I could put my maternity clothes away, and my brain put me back to this:

... which I am not.

Why did I put myself through that?? I hadn't worn anything other than my yoga pants and a tank top ... a big one ... for weeks, and on Sunday morning I ACTUALLY tried to put on a black top that made me feel like a sausage. When I checked the label, I literally laughed OUTLOUD. It was an extra-small.

Today, I was at the doctor's office, and I asked him a few questions about me and what's going on inside. I told him that I had 30lbs to lose ... and he smiled. I told him that I didn't want to lose my milk. He smiled ... and I said, "If I lose the weight, I'll lose my milk?" And he smiled again. He told me that some weight will fall off over the next couple of weeks ... but I'll probably have 10-15lbs to do on my own.

Hmm. Ok.

I also told him that I think I have a slight case of the "Baby Blues". Yesterday was a bad day ... like a black cloud hung over me. But today has been better - probably because I got 2 sets of 3hrs of sleep last night ... very much needed.

He told me to let my hubby know what to look for - and if I feel like I'm falling into the abyss, to call his office right away. Unfortunately, I can't just eat more peaches and feel better ... it's a hormone thing, and I feel better just by telling him and letting him know. Now I know he's watching, and if I get too down, I'll be saved.

I've never fallen too far into the "blues", so hopefully this will clean up quickly too and I'll feel more like myself in the next couple of weeks. And I think that having a bit of the weight lost will also really help how I feel about myself.

SO - I won't be "Slim Tawn" for a while ... but I've traded that title for "Mom of Three". And I'm pretty sure that I like that one better *smile*.

And maybe, one day, I can be both.


AlisonVeritas said...

I agree, Mom of three sounds wonderful! And I too was really worried about losing weight AND losing the milk. My dr told me that if you lose weight via calorie restriction you can be at risk of losing milk(although it had to be EXTREMELY restrictive to actually cause you to lose the milk) but that if you lose weight via increased exercise it would be almost impossible to lose the milk(unless you started something ridiculous like ironman training). So even doing P90X and a 40lb weight lose(from when I had Poet until now at 4 months), I haven't had any problems with milk supply. And honestly, the weight will just fall off from having 3 kids to chase after! It's hard to get so little sleep. hang in there!

Crystal said...

omega 3,6,9's have been great for me and the baby blues:) Its great for the brain and the skin!
Oh, and to keep milk production going I went on alfalfa tablets and they really helped richen up my milk as well:)

Christa said...

I can testify to the weight coming off too quickly & therefore losing your milk supply. I didn't even try & it wasn't even a thought after giving birht. I don't know what happened with my body- but when Jacob was born, within 5 days I was 2 lbs heavier then I had been when I got pregnant in the first place. It was CRAZY.... scarey actually. With Josiah it was a lot better. I started exercising when he was 5 weeks old and was able to exercise & breast feed. I just noticed I NEEDED to drink a lot more water & milk. You ARE a Mother of three & knowing you & your determination & your great success in reaching higher & achieving your goals, you WILL get back to the Tawn you want to be. In the mean time, itsn't it GREAT that we're headed into Fall & winter and we actually have the option to wear pants to hide the ankles & don't have to worry about sleeveless tops! Ha ha.

Shawna said...

Tawn, sorry about the baby blues -- I think I may have sluffed off your comment to me this morning and I didn't mean to! So I apologize for being inconsiderate of the stress and expectations you are under.

As for the weight, I totally understand you're sausage feeling! Ha, I understand it all too well! You will get there, in due time and like Christa says you are determined so once you are coping better with the addition of a new little GIRL I'm sure you will come back into an even lovelier you!

Give yourself a break girl, she's just 6 days old!

Sarah@mommyinjapan said...

Hi Tawnia! Don't worry about your weight, it will come off on it's own now that you have three kids. You just got home but by the end of the first month you'll notice a big difference. After my fourth baby I didn't have time to think about my weight but before I knew it "most" of it was gone. Also I found my recovery was faster each time, maybe out of necessity!!

Good for you, talking to your doctor right away. That's the best thing to do so you're not trying to handle that on your own. The good relationship you have with your mom will keep you from the worst of the baby blues.