07 September 2009

[talk: Blueberry Bush]

Remember the blueberry and raspberry bushes I planted this summer? Well - we got about 6 raspberries off of the raspberry bush (ooo - don't eat them all at once *grin*). The boys loved them, though. And they were large and super sweet.

We've been patiently waiting for the blueberry bush to produce the same yumminess. There have been a lot of berries, but they've been green for so long - that we thought, "hmm - maybe they won't ever turn blue?"

Oh, but they have ... and the boys and I go out every afternoon and see if there's enough for each of us to have ONE *I know, don't eat them all at once*!! But there are a good couple dozen berries for us to keep our eyes on ...

Next year, the bushes will be a little more mature, and should bear more fruit. THAT's what I'm hoping for ... free food *grin*. Berries are sooo expensive.

And what did my hubby say? He likes blackberries the most and wondered why I didn't plant them ... to which I replied, "You can go in the ditch and pick them free ... try doing that with raspberries!"

Sheesh. *grin*.

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