21 September 2009

[redhandedphotography: Kiddie Pics]

WELL ... gotta say, it's a LOT more work to take pics of your OWN kids than other people's!! Maybe because they don't listen as well, or because I have less patience ... but whatever the case, I took the opportunity to snap a few "portraits" of my kids at the park. Oh. And try out some tricks on my new Nikon D300s *grin*.
I've never had professional pics done ... except for when Tias was a few weeks old and I got suckered in at Sears *ha!*. Oh - and Santa Claus pics too *grin*. But I've never done Walmart pics, or any studio-type photos. And I feel bad about that ... truly. I look at family portraits done and think, "hmmm ... should I do those??"

But it's not like I don't HAVE photos of our kids. And I definitely try to have a "group shot" done every few months ...

ANYWAY ... here are some of the pics I took at the park. People commented on how brave I was getting out of the house with a 3 week old ... I told them, "the park is a safe haven when having boys ... they go stir crazy inside!!"

Enjoy. ( And if you're interested, my official photography site is http://www.redhandedphotography.com/ ... think I'll have to post a couple of these there *smile* ).


Laura said...

Those are SO cute! What wonderful memories :)

Christa said...

Very cute Tawn! I think that pictures such as these have far more meaning then going off to Walmart to get the photos done. Those ones always look so "proper".... very 1980s or something. LOL. BUT that's just my opinion!

Canadian Kristin said...

Love. Love. SUPER-LOVE the black and white of Katia laying across her brothers' legs! That would be FAB in a bedroom!!!