18 September 2009

[redhandedphotography: New Nikon D300S]

I'm continuing to invest in my photography business, and wanting to ensure quality images that capture both posed and candid moments. I've had the pleasure of photographing a number of events now, from weddings to family portraits - and I continue to fall more in love with the art of photography.
Recently, my husband was able to get his hands on the NEW Nikon D300S. This has only been in Canada for a couple of weeks now - and we were one of 2 clients to actually be able to purchase this camera at the "camera store" in the city. I was PRETTY darn excited.

But now, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with all that there is to learn. My D60 was a simple camera - and produced really great images. But my intent on getting the D300S was to be able to capture images in less light (higher ISO) and with a faster shutter (up to 8images per second) ... this would only benefit capturing those moments that are sometimes missed.

The D300S, though, is far more professional ... and instead of having graphics explaining settings for various situations, it basically expects you to know the Fstops and ISO for what you're taking. Sound complicated? Well - my lack-of-mathematical-brain finds it tricky.

I've brought the D300S to Tias' first day of kindergarten and hockey practice - and have been frustrated with blurry and inconsistent images. Obviously, I'm doing something wrong ... Good thing we never traded the D60 in (I'm now a "two-camera" show) - but I KNOW that the D300S is far superior ... and need the images to reflect that.

SO - I've asked a friend to help me out - as he's had a D300 for a number a years. I can't WAIT to learn, and hopefully retain, all the information he's able to give me. I know that this camera will be a huge asset to redhanded photography.

Now ... just to find a few hours in the evening to do that ... hmmm.


Kelly MacNeil said...

I know you are beyond this point, but my photography club (Langley Camera Club) is teaching a beginner photographer course in the next few months (shutter speeds, aperture, exposure, etc). I am not taking it, but am taking a beginner class again next month to brush up on my skills. Check out our website (just google Langley Camera Club). It is $60 and will be very hands on!!! They even want you to bring your camera!!!!

Matt Kennedy said...

Hey Tanya,

Great to hear you're invest in pro gear! if you want to run through stuff with me sometime I'd be more than happy to. My studio is in Coquitlam near silvercity, let me know if you have time on a tuesday evening or friday all day (when I'm in usually). Have Fun!