07 September 2009

[talk: SUPER Deal and Meal Plan]

Do you have a million photos that you need developing?? You know, like 350 images on every photo card ... and it's so overwhelming, you just store the cards - hoping to hear of some amazing deal with photo developing?

Well FRIENDS ... let me tell you the DEAL!!

I was on walmartphotocentre.ca looking for pricing for the Birth Announcements I'm needing to print out - and saw that on SEPTEMBER 9th Walmart is charging $9.99 for 99 -4x6 images!!! That's only 10cents an image ...

Did you get a teensy bit excited? Maybe just crack a smile?

Well ... I thought it was fantastic, and will be making sure to use Walmart for my announcements - and whatever else I can (photos for grandparents, photos for my photo frames ...) ...

Hope this is helpful!

... and ALMOST done the curtains for Josiah's room *blush* ... I know, I know ... said that a while back - but NOW I have the thread *wink*. That helps. Soooo ... "renovations 09" will be sporting some new pics soon ... stay tuned!! Plus, I have a bunch of new digiscrap pages that I'm wanting to put up ... and this week's mealplan? PHEWF!! Did that to! ...

Monday: at my in-laws (can I tell you how much I love not cooking on Mondays????)
Tuesday: at a birthday party (um. so - this is going to be an easy week ...)
Wednesday: BBQ Chicken, baked potatoes, veggies and dip
Thursday: Pork tenderloin, steamed rice, salad
Friday: Home-made pizzas

And hey. Have a good one *grin*.


devan said...

nice. 10 cents! thats great!!!

Lisa B. said...

Thanks for sharing your great find! I will have to take advantage of that for sure.

Looking forward to all your future posts, whatever they may include..renos...baby pics...meal plans...rants and raves (smile)...we'll take it all!