21 October 2009

[be challenged: This Is Gonna Hurt & Contest Clue #3]

About 3 years ago, new neighbours moved in across the street. I brought them a loaf of "welcome-to-the-neighbourhood-banana-bread" and we've been friends ever since. And they're good friends to have ... both husband and wife are RCMP officers.

We have a few "couple" RCMP officers in the neighbourhood ... a good thing for certain.

ANYway - I'll call her "Jill" - she's my Ninja neighbour. She's worked on helicopters, catching bad-guys. She and her hubby came to one of my HH12 Groups and taught "self defence". Super cool ... and she had her baby 3 weeks after Katia was born.

She showed up at my door, with her adorable wee one in a snuggly, and asked if I was interested in a "Mom & Tot Bootcamp".

UM. YESSSSS?? (Is that the right answer??)

So, it starts the first week of November, and runs for 8 classes. I'm a weeeeee bit nervous. Carrying 30lbs, not enough sleep ... I'm expecting to vomit the first class *grin*. But - I'm thankful that she asked, and it'll be great to have someone to do it with. It'll make my Wii workout seem a little lame ... which in itself is a scary thing. I'm still sore from Sunday's 20min workout *blush*.

I SHALL BE FIT. I SHALL. (Can you see my victorious hand in the air????) You with me?? One pound at a time, one inch at a time ... I shall fit into those pants by ... um, 2010??

Ok. ENOUGH already. Want the question for today? Here it is: "Winnie the Pooh's friend might like these treats."

Good luck ... only a couple more to go!!


Laura said...

Ohhh, that class sounds awesome!! good for you - you'll be great. Krista and I want to do some classes like that after we've had our babies in the Spring - keep us posted as to how it is!

Shelley said...

This is a really hard one.