05 October 2009

[biggest loser: SIGH.]

Ok. Who's dumb idea was this anyway??

This week has been a whirlwind of victories and defeats. One day, I'm literally eating ONLY Hallowe'en candy - then sobbing in the van at how disappointed I am with myself ... the next, I'm jumping on the trampoline for 20minutes, cooking up grilled chicken with salad and having a Coke Zero to satisfy that need for "sweets". Up. Down. Up. Down. Gotta love post-partum hormones.

Plus ... you know how if you weigh yourself at night (before bed), then in the morning - and you're usually DOWN a pound or two?? Well - I do that, and I'm UP TWO. Seriously!! This nursing thing is going to play a doozie on my mind ... That, and that I'm starving because Katia eats every 2-3hrs allllll dayyyyy looooong.

SO - because of this - I am going to take the advice of one of my readers ... She suggested that I measure INCHES instead of concentrating on the number on the scale. Brilliant advice for me - and will make my head not hurt as much.

I say that, because although I don't know WHAT I measured last week, today I am able to wear "small" maternity pants, rather than "medium". Now - this really does not make me happy to admit to - rather embarrassing - BUT, it's at least changing, right??

So ... I am going to still post my weight (as discouraging as it is) to hopefully encourage some of YOU. You are not alone. As am I.

Today's weight: 157.6lbs. Yup. That's right. I GAINED weight. Lovely.

Today's waist (**shudder** ... again, who's STUPID idea is this??): 36inches. That's measuring around my bellybutton, like Dr. Oz suggests. I have a true "muffin top" from Katia. And I tried Pilates last week and realized that I'm still not completely recovered from her delivery ... it was that painful.

Today's hips: 41inches. Which translates into a large rearend. Again, LOVELY.

So - it's a new day, a new week ... I have another chance to do better this week. I'm hoping to see some actual results ... I'm a tad behind my schedule now (I had hoped to be 154lbs by now).

Ok. I'm done. I'll go crawl back in my hole ... let me know when it's Thanksgiving ... love turkey *grin*.


Patti said...

HEY! I went up this week too.

It's okay. We're still moving forward. We can totally do this.

Jenn VH said...

You can call me YO-YO GIRL! I have many days/weeks where I go up and down around the same 2-3 pounds depending on the time of day, month, etc. Don't be discouraged--your body is readjusting to not having to carry a person around anymore 24/7 and that always took me a couple of months or more until my weight redistributed and then went down. Hey, I'm not even pregnant and I've been slowly inching up the scale this past year, so although I didn't post numbers, I am supporting you on this weight loss journey!
Take care!
~Jenn VH

Annika said...

The fact that you are even doing this and being so open about it is amazing and you WILL get there because you have determination and will! As for eating Halloween candy one day and amazing food the next, that isn't just hormones because that is what I do too! You are so not alone in your struggle and you are doing great so pat yourself on the back and keep plugging along. The fact that you are blogging this is motivation to me to lose a few pounds so you are in inspiration even though you don't feel that way!

Anonymous said...

I think you are doing a great job Tania!!! Like Annika said, the fact that you are even doing this and being open about it is very encouraging to many other people.

And I will have to join the club of did-not-do-so-good this week as well - up 1 pound. GRR!!!!!

But it's a new day and a new week. And I'm off to the gym! Keep at it and I will see you here next week!

Lori said...

I went up this week too...with counting calories and exercising...and nursing too. I swear, the nursing thing is what throws it all around. I know I didn't even try to focus on losing all my baby weight with Sophie until she was like 7-8 mths, and eating more solids and not just me.

Julia said...

It is school holidays here and I have had such a naughty week!! Lollies, takeaways and chips galore and I feel so annoyed with myself.
I have managed to go down 1 lb, but I think it was only because I was semi-good and went to the gym.
Tomorrow we are going away for a few days so Im not sure what the diet will be like then either!
I am now 148 lb.
Tania - don't be so hard on yourself. I couldn't lose any weight while I was feeding my kids and only managed to shift it after I had weaned them.

Canadian Kristin said...

I think the inches thing is probably a good idea. Is it fair to expect so much if your mind and body when you've just given birth, have 3 kids, some who don't all sleep thru the night, and you're breastfeeding? Smaller steps, girlfriend. Like, today I will eat only 1/2 the halloween candy bag...today I will strive to make balanced food choices...today I will catch up on rest. These are the things that will get you through the long haul of babydom, no?