06 October 2009

[redhandedphotography: Katia's Photoshoot]

Ok - SO MANY responses from yesterday's post!! WOW. And so REAL too!! Thank you for taking the time to share your own thoughts and experiences ... such an encouragement to me. But today's post is about the wee one who added those pounds *grin*. So worth it ... isn't she lovely??
I have seen so many fantastic photos of newborns, and I really wanted to try and capture some of my own little images of Katia.

These kinds of photos are "portrait" style and not my typical photoshoot. There's lighting to consider ... and the fact that my 2 year old wanted to jump in, annoy Katia and completely disrupt the whole thing ... *grin*. That doesn't usually happen with clients *laughing*.

The other day, it dawned on me that the reason why I could never capture how LITTLE she is, is because I never had a point of reference in the photo. When I came upon a friend's photo of her son, placed in a hand-held luggage, I realized he looked small because he was IN something SMALL.
This is what I came up with. A salad bowl. And the lighting was perfect by using the natural light from a skylight upstairs. All in all - I was pleased with the results. It's hard to judge your own work - you can nit-pick and fuss ... but I think that I'll look back at them and remember how little she really was.

I love you so much, sweet Katia!! xo


Anonymous said...

Hi Tania! What sweet pictures!!She's so precious! Hope you are doing well and adjusting to 3!!I remember being really scared to leave the house at first with all three!

alisa said...

she's LOVELY! so beautiful! Just remember to go easy on yourself Tawn, because the weight took 9 months to put on, so give it some time to come off. It's encouraging that you can get into your smaller clothes! And definitely inches is more accurate than pounds. Just drinking water or sweating can change the numbers on the scale, but inches is the true test of what size a person is. And you are beautiful the way you are right now. It's sometimes hard to believe that for ourselves, but that's how God see us, right? He can see the beauty much better than we can. On a lighter note, your renos look great. Do you have a suggestion on where to shop for lighting fixtures? I need to shop for some very soon, seeing as my ceiling is almost done. Painting will be the last thing & I should be finished with renos (if you don't count that they still have to do my stairs. It'll be great when I don't have to live out of a suitcase! I'm glad your renos turned out so well. Bless you & your family.

Laura said...

Oh, she's just beautiful. I can see why you're so in love with your little "salad"!! :)

Canadian Kristin said...

Using the salad bowl is a great idea! I like it, and agree that having the point of reference that will always be around will help you remember how teeny she is. And I"ll bet she'll be in awe every time she sees that bowl when she's a bigger kid!

The spitty mouth in the last photo: swoon!

Shawna said...

She's a beauty...and worth every pound.

Ps. her Momma's not that bad lookin' either *wink*

Jenn VH said...

So beautiful!! I like the one where she looks like she's smiling--a hard thing to capture when they are so small. You do lovely work--not just the photos, your sweet baby too!! ;0)

Yin said...

Tania, she is totally precious!! So, so beautiful!!!