28 October 2009

[tias: Field Trip to the Market]

Gotta say that I'm a little over-the-top when it comes to photos. I had a few moms smile at me, while I tried to document Tias' field trip ... I could hear them, without them saying it ... "rookie". *GRIN*
I'm actually going through a bit of a withdrawal from photography. The weather is getting YUCKY - which makes me hyperventilate a bit because the leaves are STILL so lovely (the ones still on the trees) ... but now, they're turning to mush.

That means, I'll be taking more "event" photos than "portrait-style". With Hallowe'en, Christmas, birthdays ... there'll be a LOT of opportunities to get my fix on pushing that camera button.
Here are some pics from the fieldtrip ... and I LOVE the market in the Autumn. Pumpkins, apples, corn ... so many colours - so many reminders of how blessed we are where we live. The children had to find different fruits and vegetables, and then got to have some hot chocolate to warm their tummies up.

I am so blessed to be able to share this special time with my kids. I do not take it for granted, and try to be at all the activities that I'm invited to ... and I wish YOU a blessed day too - full of all the things and people that you love ... have a good one!

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Shawna said...

We just took a family trip yesterday to the same farm market - you're right, we are SO blessed!