16 November 2009

[biggest loser: SABOTAGE.]

That is SO what I did to myself this week ... why is it that as SOON as I have a grasp on things, I totally have a melt down and "poof".  I'm back to square one.

On Friday morning, I weighed myself.  I know, I know ... not supposed to - but I do it.   Every day.  A few times.  Morning, night ... after I drink a glass of water.  Bad bad bad.  I know.

But on Friday, I weighed 146.4.  I could TASTE 145lb.

So - I went to bootcamp that morning, got my butt WHOOPED, then came home.  And ate a chocolate bar.  Then some hallowe'en candy.  Then some more.  I don't think a fruit or a vegetable touched my lips the entire day.  Not even a protein.  Or a starch.  Just - candy.

Then - as if I couldn't have just written off that day and started over on Saturday - I did it all over again.  Sugar.  That's all I ate.  For two straight days.

So today I was scared to get on the scale.  Scared that I wasted a week and honestly, feel like "whoooo cares???".  I should just buy my fat pants - or better yet - keep my maternity pants out.


Today's weight:   146.6lbs           waist: 34inches               hips: 38inches

Which means I'm still down from last week's 148.4 ... almost 2lbs.  But it's frustrating that I weigh more today than Friday ... and nothing has moved in the "inches" department.

Well, ok - so I'll be happy with that.  At least the numbers have gone down, despite my sudden need for chocolate.  This week I will do better ...

Next week's goal?  145lb baby.

How'd you do this week??


Julia said...

Don't be too hard on yourself! I have been known to do the exact same thing on occasion. I think every now and then it just gets too hard to be 'good' all the time.
Anyway, you went down!!!

After several shocking weeks of eating junk myself, I have been trying super hard for at least 3 weeks. Finally the scales have gone down more than 1/2 a pound and I'm so happy! Last week I was 146.5 lb and this week I am 143.5 YAY!!

Patti said...

well, I did lose, but only .4 pounds. Oh well, it's still a loss, eh?

Anonymous said...

Way to go, enjoy it now....just remember one day your sons will be teenagers and you will need to warehouse huge quantities of food...you will be menopausal and will kill anything and anyone for chocolate!