29 December 2009

[redhandedphotography: New Bling]

Well - not REALLY "bling" ... but camera bling.
I've been looking for a camera strap on Etsy for some time now and was going cross-eyed looking at so many cool fabrics and options.  After weeks of going back and forth, I decided that a lens cap pocket on the strap was of upmost importance (as I seem to leave them around in all sorts of places ...) - so that elminated a whole bunch of options.

Originally I had wanted something fun and funky - orange and turquoise - maybe apple green and indigo.  But then I found this:

It's a business card holder - as I can never fit them in my wallet without them getting all yucky.  And I've found myself needing cards day in and day out - plus with my SIL's new Party On Store (yup - that's a LINK to her new website - the store I talked about here) - she's needing to have some there for those who are inquiring about photographers.
So when I decided on that - it seemed only fitting that I would choose this as my camera strap:

Here's the thing - it's black and white - which really is the true me.  Most of my wardobe is B&W - they were my wedding colours for Pete's sake *grin*.  And the red chenille lining?  Well, how could I not with the whole "Redhanded Photography" thing?  ... oh, how I wish I were more spontaneous *GRIN* ... but orderly and thought-out am I.

If you're interested to get your own - check out http://www.phatstraps.com/ (I didn't use them, only because they didn't have a lens cap pocket in their products ...).  Or check out Etsy here.  I did the searching for you *smile*.

Have a good one!


Canadian Kristin said...

I'm loving mine from August Blossoms...and for sure use the lens pocket a ton!!! Love your fabric choice!

Canadian Kristin said...

Oh... and I also got the snap closures so I could quickly 'go strapless' if need be.