31 December 2009

[talk: It's All in a Name]

Good morning *smile*.  I just wanted to share with you a funny post on MSN this morning.  It's all about ridiculous names ... Like Stan Still.  Or Justin Case, Drift Wood, Anita Bath ... Tu Morrow.

I thought it was funny ... you can read it here.

And now I'm off and running.  Today is my hubby's birthday - and were having a small group over tonight for our annual New Years Eve fondue.  Tomorrow is Josiah's and my MIL's birthday- so both sides of the family are coming over for Lu's famous fajitas (don't ask.  I'm not a fan of them *smirk* ...).  Then Saturday, I'm photographing a wedding - can't WAIT (I lie awake at night picturing scenes in my mind ...).  Sunday, we leave for a little ski-get-away ... except my hubby can't ski because of his leg - so I'm not sure if I'll be going this year either. 

SO - that's my few days ...

To all of my family and friends who read this, and even those whom I don't even really know, I wish you a fabulous 2010.  A year full of wonderful memories, much laughter and time spent with those who breathe life into you.

Bah bye 2009 ... hellllllo 2010.  Gee, I thought we'd be living on the moon by now ...

Have a good one!

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