07 January 2010

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Ok - only have a few moments here ... but just wanted to let my family and friends know that we're doing really well - having a great family time away and so very, very thankful for each moment.

I was reading a friend's blog the other day and have been thinking about her idea of having a "word" to represent her year and all that is in it.  While I was spending some time with the Lord last night, a word popped into my head - and I'm continuing to dwell on that, and what I want it to mean for my own life in 2010.

I'll share more on that when I get a chance ...

For now - I just hope that the first week of 2010 has been kind to you, and I look forward to sharing and learning from others. I see that today marks a bit of a milestone for this little blog ... 40000+ hits!  WOW!  Thank you for taking a moment to come visit and I  hope that you leave here encouraged.  Please feel free to drop a comment, if you feel so inclined.  I love to hear from you ...

Have a good one!

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