21 January 2010

[be challenged: People For People - Haiti Swap Meet Fundraiser]

Hi ... it's been a while, I know.  Sorry about that ... I have lots of family and friends who live out of town who come to visit ... I assure you, we are alive and well!!

I only have a few moments here, while Siah's lunch is heating up, to let you know about a venture I'm hoping others will catch the vision to.  I started an open group on Facebook called "People for People".  My idea is that not everyone feels they have spare cash that they can give - but maybe they have extra stuff they can sell instead.  Here's the message I sent to those who are already a part of the group:

" ... there is nothing more powerful that like-minded people who have a purpose to HELP others.  As this idea continues to sort out the creases, I wanted to give you an update on what's happening ...

We've tentatively got a date in March for the SWAP MEET. My vision is to have wonderful, quality items that are donated with the purpose of all funds going to HAITI. It would be so wonderful to have people come from all over the Lower Mainland because they don't want to MISS an opportunity to find fantastic deals, and help Haiti at the same time.

Items can include household (you know, that mixer that you don't use anyways?? yah, THAT one!), furniture, luggage, kids toys/clothes/shoes, winter stuff, Christmas stuff, summer stuff - ANYthing that you think YOU'D buy ...

The Government of Canada will match dollar for dollar, but only until Feb12. This will not be enough time - SO if you want to do a cash DONATION, do it NOW through your local World Vision or Red Cross.  BUT - as you spring clean, PLEASE consider putting quality items aside and I will be in touch about the NEXT step.

My hope is that many churches, schools, families, communities - will band together ... either joining us in Langley, or doing this on their own. YOU can do it, be apart of something selfless - something that is at the core of each of us ... helping the broken.

There may be a table with World Vision sponsorship there, a table for people to donate to Water Filters (only $30 for clean water!) , live music, perhaps other things like face painting, hotdogs (anyone want to donate to that??) ... the list is a big one.

If you are interested in helping ... sorting through things, pricing, manning a table, or something else that you can do - PLEASE message me. We need a large village to make this work!!"

... so - aside from weddings, worship leading, renovating Katia's room (aaaaaalmost done that), and just doing all the average day to day things - this is the project that rings in my heart today.

Maybe you'd like to be a part of it?  Or even better - join forces in your OWN community to do a fundraiser. 

May the God of all wisdom grant you creativity and a generous spirit that is contagious!!

Be blessed ... and have a good one *wink*!!

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