22 January 2010

[redhandedphotography: Baby Chloe]

The boys are with my parent's at their cousin's basketball game, Taya is sleeping, hubby's at work ... so I've been doing some Redhanded Photography stuff - enjoying the quiet, missing the noise.

I've uploaded new pics on my photography blog.  To view photos from last week's photoshoot click here or click the Redhanded Photography Blog link on the sidebar.

That's all I have time for today ... but I continue to pray that God will open our hearts to be generous to others who are abandoned and broken.  When you view these photos of a beautiful family - safe, warm, fed, loved - we are certain of God's goodness.  But let's not forget that there are those who are separated from family, in harm's way, cold and hungry.  Not just in Haiti ... but even down the street.

When you tuck your children in tonight, remind them that they are loved and blessed.  And let this be our opportunity to teach the next generation the power of compassion.

Be blessed, so you can bless.

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