16 February 2010

[katia: Month Five]

Five months?  REALLY?

Well.  I guess it has been.  Let's see - she's sleeping really well, chewing on her hand (teething?), pulling herself up when I hold her hands, cooing, laughing ... they may sound lame to you, but I assure you I am loving each and every moment!

Her blue eyes are starting to change.  Both of our boys had blue eyes - and now one has brown, the other hazel.  So - we'll see what happens with Taya.

I have savoured each moment with Katia.  I think that with her being our third, it gave me a reality check of how quickly each stage goes.  With our first born, I thought I'd never sleep again.  And I didn't realize that each stage really was only a matter of a few short weeks (like smiling, then laughing, pulling up, sitting ...).

If we had a fourth, I'd be REALLY relaxed (ha! and insanely busy!) ... and NO.  There will not be a fourth.  We're done.   Lord willing *wink*.

To see more pics, please visit my redhanded photography blog here.

Have a good one!


Treena said...

Tania, she is SO adorable! What a gem to have placed in your lives. I'm glad you are Enjoying every stage - they are so special. :)

Patti said...

Oh Tawn, She is DARLING! 5 months, wow the time flies.