15 February 2010

[redhandedphotography: New Portrait Pics]

New blogpost on my photography blog at  http://www.redhandedphotography.blogspot.com/ .  Just in case you're interested? ...

I have so much going on - busy, wonderfully busy - with connecting with many different friends these past few weekends, photography shoots, hockey practices, piano recitals, the "kindergartens leading chapel" this morning at school,  and to top it off - my hubby, Katia and I are heading to Calgary on Thursday to hang with more wonderful friends.  The kiddies are enjoying having so many things planned to do (kids are like that, aren't they?) including a couple of nights with their grandparents (um - they're a little TOO excited about that.  Their grandparents spoil them!!)  ... and then tonight, I'm off with my hubby to hang downtown and enjoy some of the energy of the Winter Olympics ... can't wait!!

So, whether your schedule is beautifully calm and "stay-at-home-and-watch-24" kind of day, or full of adventure and busy-ness, I hope that all is well with you ... have a good one!


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