08 February 2010

[biggest loser: 'Fessing Up]

Oh.  Is it Monday?  (no ... this is actually being written on Sunday night, like most of my posts are *GRIN*).

Ok.  Let's pretend it's Monday and start again.

Oh.  Monday?  Already?

And you wonder why I haven't had a Biggest Loser post?  Well ... it's time to face the music.  Time for some radical honesty.  Time for me to start being accountable again.

I was doing so well - and then Sun Peaks happened.  We went away for a few days, and our menu plan consisted of easy-to-pack food (pasta, lasagne etc ...).  We played games late into the evening - with the munchies always within an arms reach.  We didn't pack a stroller - didn't have the room in the van - so getting outside for exercise wasn't happening as much as it should've.

Ok - but that was WEEKS ago.  But what happened was I got off track and now I'm ready to get back on.

I'm not weighing myself today (which is really tomorrow for me right now ... ).  I'm going to cut myself some slack - BUT I do know that I've gained 2lbs (you do the math ...) and I'm HOPING to start next Monday at where I left off before the New Year.

That's the plan.

But in all of this, I've learned that I'm SUCH an emotional eater.  When my hubby was away - I was lonely in the evenings, and I ate.  When I was upset, I ate.  When I was struggling with the imbalance of hormones that most new moms feel, I ate. 

It stops now.  My goal for this week is to drink more water, have no white carbs after 2pm (so, whole grains for supper), and no "treats".  I also will be committing to ride the bike 20min every day.

Are any of you still doing your own version of the Biggest Loser?  Am I alone with the little break that I had *grin*?  How are you doing with it?  Any tips?   Any venting?  Venting feels good *grin* ...


Shawna said...

Woman! You are not alone, I'm right there with you, humph!

Happy water drinking week ;)

Julia said...

Venting time!!

I have been going REALLY badly with my weightloss, (or should I say that I've been goping really well with my weight gain?!)
I completely know you mean about being an emotional eater - I am so one of those!! I think I would've gained close to 5 pounds since Christmas but am far too scared to get on the scales =(

I have been really unwell and eating seems to make me feel sooo much better. I have had about 3 weeks of extreme exhaustion, sore throats, aching body and am so over it. I finally went to the doctor and got some bloods done to find out I have a nasty viral infection and extremely low iron and b12. Yesterday I had my first b12 injection and I am on iron tablets now too so I better start improving!

The kids are back at school this week after having 7 weeks off so it's time to focus on me again =)

We can do it!!