09 February 2010

[talk: The Olympic Torch]

Wow.  Vancouver Winter Olympics 2010 is here???  Crazy!!

The Olympic Torch came through our neck of the woods - and my hubby and I had a fantastic "family" day to celebrate.

The torch was going right by my hubby's office, so the kids and I met him there early and off to lunch we went ... nothing like ice cream at DQ to start off this special day!!

Then, we headed to the road where all sorts of wonderful Canadians were gathering ... it was such a great sense of community, such a sense of pride.

The kids were SO into it ...

and I had the opportunity to hold the torch myself!!  I was GIDDY!!

Then the flame came by ... the crowds were cheering, we were all so excited ...

It was such a fantastic, fantastic day!

Bring on the Olympics!!  We're so ready for this once-in-a-lifetime-in-our-city-event!


Nadine said...

Great photos! What an exciting day! My hubby and I are heading down on Friday afternoon to take in the opening ceremonies. SUPER excited!!!

Love the jersey's!!!

Lisa B. said...

You captured the moment and the excitement beautifully! How fun to be a part of a once-in-a-lifetime moment!
I think Katia needs a red hat with a big white flower (or vice versa) - very patriotic and oh so fashionable ;-)

Laura said...

so fun! We saw it come through Comox a couple months ago - it's so cool that it came through Langley just days away from it all! great pics, I love the one with you after holding the torch :) awesome! Love ya.