19 March 2010

[cool products: Epiphanie Camera Bags]


A camera bag.  No, a purse.  No, a camera bag.  No, a super-trendy-super-cute purse.

Whyyyyyy - it's BOTH!!!

Thanks MK for leading me to this fantabulous product - it's now on my "birthday gift list".  The only thing is - which ONE would be the most amazing?  I found these cool pics, showing both their cuteness and amazingness ...

There are three different bags to choose from, each $165.00US.

Here's the red one ... *gush*:

I've seen pics of moms gushing over their bags - filled with a camera, lens, and then diapers, jarred food - you name it.  It is the perfect thing - a potential perfect "go to the park and keep my camera safe" bag!

They're having a contest ... but please don't go.  I don't need anymore competition than that millions who are probably already submitting their entry ... *sigh*.  Ok.  Here's the site.  If you win - I'll be really mad *wink*.

Oh dear.  I think I'm glistening ...


Rhonda said...

oooOOOhh Tawnia! My Hubby's not gonna be happy when he sees what I want....lol. Those are gorgeous (and functional) I'm going to have to find a friend who wants 1 or 2 of the camera bags I already have so I don't feel guilty asking for 1 of those.
By the way, I really enjoy your blog :)

Char said...

I am a red girl...go for that one!

Canadian Kristin said...

Love love the first one due to handle options, if you are following a moving subject it's good to wear the bag across you. Does the site tell you the weight of the bags?