19 March 2010

[cool products: Shootsac]

So.  I learned a few lessons yesterday about friends, family and the blogging world *smile*.  Because of the conversations yesterday's posts initiated, I have chosen to delete them and their comments and leave it at that.  I probably should've done that as soon as I realized the vary of opinion out there, and the passion it ensued ... my mistake.  I was completely ignorant to the magnitude of people's thoughts - and my blog was never intended to be used as a forum for debate ... As one dear reader suggested, these things can only cause division - and I agree.

Ok.  On to other things *smile* ...

Here's the "cool product" for anyone out there who has an SLR camera and likes to have the ability to change the lens with ease. 

There's a spectacular photographer 'round these here parts whom you JUST might've heard of (ya think??) ... Miss. Jamie Delaine.   A legend already.  I follow her brilliant posts, which feeds my hunger for creative images and usually leaves me in stitches with laughter. 

Once, she mentioned her "shootsac" - and I've been drooling ever since.   It's a safe, convenient way to carry various lenses (it's not a camera carrier), without the bulk of a camera bag.  It is made of a "wet-suit-type" material that forms to your lenses - the idea being, that your lenses are easy to get to and easy to put away, in a messenger-style bag.  Brilliant.  Now - I was going to hold out until my next wedding to get one - but with this past engagement session, I realized that I NEEDED one.  Not just wanted.  Needed.  Lenscaps, lens lids, zipping the bag, unzipping the bag, pulling lenses off, balancing them on a safe spot ... a waste of time during a shoot.  And nerve-wracking.

I went to the Shootsac site and couldn't order one, because I'm in Canada.  Then, I went to Amazon and voila - got me a Shootsac with a black and white domask cover.   It was delivered to my door two days later, and then I danced my jig.

Here's what it looks like, not my image though *wink* ...

And a pretty picture of someone with my bag.  Well.  Her bag.  And my bag too.

The designer is Jessica Claire.  If you have any additional moments, after reading this and checking out Jamies' site and blog - check out Jessica's here.


Have a great one!


jamiedelaine said...

Yay! So happy you got oneee! :) Thanks for the shout-out!

Mary @Delightful Bitefuls said...

LOVE your bag! Thought I'd pass this along, too... not that you need another bag ;) http://www.epiphaniebags.com/#/shop-1/

Tawn said...

... oh, but I do :-) ... my camera bag is shot - and now that I'm doing more shoots, it really isn't that efficient ...

*looking at the site*

oh no. I think I need to do a fundraiser with all proceeds going to one of these :-).

thanks M!!

*and JD .. thanks for stopping by! I could post about your stuff all day long :-) *

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say I had no intention to cause division only led people away from pagan practices and to the Lord. Sorry if i offended you, my comments were written in haste and anger because of Henri's post which i felt was mocking. I pray you make the right choices and God bless.

Canadian Kristin said...

Love this shoot sac! Could you use this instead of a camera bag? Like if you go to the park and know you will be carrying your camera and snapping pics the whole time but mIght need to put it down to push a kid on a swing? I find, in those instances, the camera bag just too darn heavy. ?! I want a lIghtweight solution to be my extra hands when on a photo hunt!