30 March 2010

[cool products: PARTY ON Store with Easter Ideas]

You've seen my posts on the Party On Store, right?  Have you gone yet? ... oh, you really should *smile*.  And now, more than ever, it's worth your while to stop in ...

The business is run by my sis-in-law and my bro-in-law.  My sis-in-law has the most creative mind - she can put things together like no one else.  She is a retail genious - and knows what the customer wants ... Party On is thriving, and as a new business in this economy, that sure says something about her and her hubby!!

She got a fantabulous idea, and started making CANDY centerpieces (oh dear - that's all I need) ... then she got an even MORE fantabulous idea and created Easter candy packs, along with party favours.  For Josiah's bday, she made little candy sacks, with a paintable ceramic piggy bank and a helium balloon attached ... they were perfect!   Here are some pics of her latest creations that she literally cannot keep on the shelf ... she sells them so fast, she's having to take orders for the events.

I warn you - make sure you give yourself enough time to check out all they have there ...  don't worry - there's a Timmys and a 'Bucks near by *wink* - grabba java and pop on in!

They have everything you could possibly imagine - and then some.  Everything is in perfect order, with "themes" all together, making it easy to compare and decide.  Well - compare, yes.  Decide -no.  That's trickier.

Phewf.  Ok - you get the idea ... now go.  Check it out for yourself - and get those much needed bunny plates, easter napkins and candy center pieces!! 

Have a great one!

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