26 May 2010

[redhanded photography: Lee & Jenna]

... ok.  Quick update.

I am trying to ween myself off of sugar.  I am addicted.  Plain and simple.   And yesterday I had a headache like non other, which is giving me strength to stay away from it today ... The plan is have a NORMAL relationship with sweet things, as apposed to what it is.  Ha!  Can an addict just have a little?  I think not ... I may have to rethink this whole thing *grin*.

On another note, I have a new post on my Redhanded Photography blog.  Good thing - because I have another wedding this Saturday and I like to have one project done before the other starts.

So stop by, leave a comment, don't leave a comment ... would be glad to have you *smile*.


white girl said...

I feel your pain. I just did a cleanse and weaned myself off of sugar. It was awful. Obviously my addiction was much deeper than I thought. Keep up the strength!

Beautiful photo!

Caroline said...

I too love sugar...

Canadian Kristin said...

The romance of this photo took my breath away!

Um... funny... my word verification is "confec"... kinda like confection... like sugar... how appropriate to your less-sugar focus right now, hey?! :-)