19 May 2010

[shalom: Green Light. ]


Well.  Three years ago, the silence of those whom I asked to be a part of this vision spoke volumes.  In the same way - your enthusiasm this time was HUGE.  Email after email, messages sent to FB, comments on my link ... 

I am so excited!

SO - here's what's gonna happen ... I'm going to leave this open for the next couple of weeks and give more women the opportunity to contact me regarding their involvement.  Those of you who have already emailed me with with your "I'm IN", then you can start thinking about your story and how you'll put pen to paper to it ... or so to speak.

I will be emailing those who've contacted me with specific details when I get it all figured out.  If you're not sure what this is all about, just scroll down and read the last post ... Please remember that the heart behind this book is to encourage and uplift those who are walking through their loss - and to share how God has carried you through.  The vision is to testify to the hope we have in the Lord.  

If you would like to be a part of this book, have your child's story serve a beautiful purpose, than please contact me at tawnsblog@hotmail.com ...   

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Nickie said...

So excited for you! Keep up posted on the book's progress!