04 May 2010

[talk: Another Day, Another Year]

It's been a while.  Well - maybe not ... but it feels like it has been.

It's late Monday night, 11:35pm to be exact ... just finished working out (more on that another time ...), and now I have my blood pumping and need to take a few minutes to calm myself before bed.

So, here I am.

It's been a busy week.  My hubby came home from El Salvador late Wednesday night, and we left for a local "hot springs" for the weekend for his annual Business Meetings.  Which is kinda funny - because my dad, my brother and my hubby are all partners in the firm .., making it more of a family weekend.  It's not like me to leave this post "picture free" ... but I haven't had a moment to even upload anything just yet ... 

It was a great time ... our boys EXCELLED at swimming in the shallow pools.  Josiah (who's 3), was swimming the width of the pool UNDERWATER by the time we left.  So pumped for that!  And the family time was so great for all of us.  Mattias is always a bucket full of tears when things are over, though.  He hates to say goodbye when he's having so much fun. *smile*.

It was also my birthday weekend.  We celebrated with my family at the springs, and tonight we celebrated with my hubby's family.  

It was a funny thing ... because every year I get asked to "make a list" of a few things that I would like.   So I do ... but this year, I really found myself in a place of being sentimental.  I really wanted people to get me what THEY wanted to get me ... 

I got some gifts from my family, that showed such thoughtfulness ( ... if you know me, a bunch a specialty cooking magazines is a wonderful treat!!)  On a sentimental note, I received a lovely phone call from a friend who was out of town, flowers from a couple of beautiful ladies, had a lunch date with two wonderful friends who always know how to make me smile, smiley phone calls, emails, and FB comments - and the beginnings of a treasured friendship renewed.  I was so blessed - and was so touched by so much love!!

As I get older - the more I realize that how people are treated, and how they treat you, really has such a baring on the quality of life that you live.  Without those to share special moments with, those moments are just your own - which is a gift in itself - but I am most thankful for family and friends to share those times with.

Here's to another wonderful year ... and I hope that today brings peace and joy to your home and to those who YOU love.

Have a great one!

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Shawna said...

Here with you, for the ride...here's to the next year and many, many more!