28 April 2010

[talk: My Top Five]

Hey. Yup. Still here ...

I haven't posted much lately - mainly because my hubby has been away in El Salvador for the last week. He comes home tonight - and I'm so excited to hear his stories and have him back in our home again. The kids miss him terribly, and it's been lonely in a "wow, I can watch whatever I want tonight" sort of way *grin*. A spouse is an integral part of any family, and my hubby is definitely a big piece of our family's puzzle.

I can't wait to hold him and to be held.

SO ... over the last few weeks, various people have bumped into me and asked about different posts. I thought that I would give a "Top 5" and make things easier for family and friends to find them.

5. Remembering Shalom: Blogging has been a wonderful way for me to walk through different life lessons and be able to reflect on them. Losing our daughter has definitely been the most trying time in my life - but I now see such fruit from the experience. I am grateful for our story, but even more grateful for the evidence of His hand in it all.

4. Blackbean Mexican Salsa: On a much lighter note ... this is NOT my original recipe, but everytime I make it - someone asks for a copy. It's a hit. You should try it *grin*.

3. Redhanded Photography Business Launch: Never did I imagine that I would be allowed to be apart of some of the most sacred, intimate, hilarious, joyful moments ... so THANK YOU to all who have supported and encouraged me during this past year and a bit. The start of Redhanded Photography was a wondeful day for me ...

2. Perspective: Of all my posts, this one sparked some of the most beautiful conversations. I often go back to this and reread it ... just to remind myself. Thank you all for encouragement and affirmation with this one ... it's a wonderful thing when you feel like your words can reach out and touch some one.

1. Welcome Baby Katia: Since I've started blogging - Katia has been the greatest gift we've received (our other kids were born "pre" blogging). She has to be number one ... all my kids are.

So. Those are my top five.

I also receive a lot of hits for the Cars Broken Road Cake, the Cars Racetrack Cake, Katia's Nursery, Tias' Drumming and worship "Breathe On Me."

Was that about right? 

Have a great one!!

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