22 July 2010

[Katia: Eleven Months Old]

Um.  Eleven months.  That pretty much means a year.  A YEAR.  My baby is not a newborn - although she's only 16.7lbs, and some people give birth to babies almost as big.  She's a wee little thing, full of coy looks and matter-a-fact baby talk.  

I took the kids to the park yesterday, and while the boys played I took some pics of Katia.  Nothing sweeter than a tutu on a little girl, no?

Our little Bella Bean ... we never knew that such an important piece of our family was missing, until you came along and filled it up.  

Who would've thought that I would be into pink and barrettes??  I've always been a mohawk and jeans kinda mom ...

What a little munchkin.

Have a great one!

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