16 July 2010

[weddings: Tim & Lacey]

Since I've ventured out into photography, I find that I leave my camera behind on events that photographers are hired for.  I like to capture the best images, and if I can't - then I just don't bother.  But when we got our invitation to TandL's wedding, I knew I had to bring it.

I've known Lacey for a long time ... in fact, I was her piano teacher for a number of years.  Her and I are so alike - and it didn't take long for her to find a special place in my heart.  I've had the joy of sharing in her massive accomplishments, and seeing her tears in harder times.  And when she met Tim, I just knew that this was going to be a life changing time for her.

Their ceremony was so well thought out.  So much time and preparation - it was obvious.  From the incredible way the church was decorated, to the live worship that melted my heart and brought me to tears.

I was sitting close to the back ... and my dear hubby wanted the isle seat *sigh*.  So, I had to attempt to get a few photos with my zoom on.  How I wish I could've been closer ... Lacey's moment was so full of God and love.

I never realized that Tim was so gifted with his words.  The vows he wrote had all of us girls in the audience looking at each other with our jaws dropped.  I could sense that the guys were like, "Come on Tim.  You're making us look bad."  *grin*

One of the sweetest moments was when their mentors prayed a blessing over the couple.  And each set of parents also spoke life-giving words over their children.  It was really a beautiful thing.

The reception made me feel like I had stepped directly into the pages of a Martha Stewart magazine.  The white tent was place on the "front lawn" of Lacey's parents home ... and the parking?  You parked at the neighbours and got a funky little hayride, complete with harmonica serenade.  

I'm all about the details ... and every single one was so well thought out.  The sunshine-y yellow with the  twine and lavender, the bluegrass band, the Rice Crispy wedding cake ... so country, so simple, so classic.  Loved it.  There were urns of the yummiest lavender lemonade, but my favourite detail was the seating arrangement that was penned onto the glass panes of an old french door.

This wedding, as beautiful as it was, was all about the people.  Tim and Lacey made each guest feel so loved and important ... We laughed at the speeches, ate a fantastic meal ... and pocketed as much candy as we could from the sweets table.

And dear, sweet, crazy Lacey.

And ... I even got to snag a pic with her.

After all was said and done, it was time to par-tay.  They had the BEST live music ... and Lacey even serenaded her hubby.  We danced, we laughed ... had so much fun.  So much fun.  So much fun!

Tim and Lacey ... thanks for including us in your fantastic day.  We wish you every blessing under Heaven ... xo

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