28 July 2010

[running: New Shoes.]

A new category.  Did you notice?

Running ... me.  Who'd of thunk (I love that word ... leave me alone *grin*)?  Well - after yesterday's 5km, I realized that my arches just ain't what they used to be.  I noticed that I could feel the ground on that soft part under my foot ... a place that used to be high up and out of the way.

SO.  Apparently, I am suffering from another icky result of having a baby.  Like the weight gain, sleepless nights, raging hormones, falling-out-hair and crappy skin wasn't enough (oh, doesn't it make you want to have another??  HA!).  So seems as though my rapid weight gain with Katia has flattened my feet.  Yay.  

The solution?  Oh, a shiny new pair of runners.

Ok.  So maybe not the colour I would've picked .., but here's what I learned today:  You don't walk into the Running Room and ask for pretty runners.  Nope.  You choose the ones that work ... and man, do these feel GREAT.  Kinda makes my old runners feel like flip flops.  And I can't WAIT to try these Sauconys out on my next morning run.

And ... did you see my camera water mark on the image?  Pretty nifty, eh?  Well, maybe not for THIS image, but I was just trying out my new Lightroom 3.0 and it'll let me watermark my images in one simple step.  Pretty pumped about that too ... 

Enough already ... tons to do, gotta run.


Have a good one ...


happymomlori said...

go Tania! Here's a link to my sister suzy's running blog - she's been at it while - just ran her first boston in May:


Nickie said...

I love the feeling of new runners!!! Try to keep track of your mileage - you should change your runners about every 400 miles (a little over 500 km). I know that sounds like a lot, but you would be surprised how quickly those miles add up. Happy running!

BTW - when are you going to sign up for your first race? half marathons are lots of fun!

Elise said...

Mmmm. New runners. Soooo good. Also the watermarking thing? Just (finally) convinced me to update to Lightroom 3.