20 September 2010

[running: IPHONE Running Playlist]

Hey *grin*!

I've been busy ... last week was just out-of-control.  Good, but out-of-control.  I had four (one, two, three and four) photoshoots.  Two lovely newborn shoots, one 70th birthday celebration that was so fantastic, and a family shoot with a great family.

Friday night my hubby and I spent the night lazing on the couch, catching up on "Survivor" and the "Big Brother" finale.  And my Mac and I bonded over the bazillion images I had to sort through.

ANYway ... I'm almost caught up - I'm getting into a rhythm.

Plus, Mattias was diagnosed with bronchitis after battling a fever and lethargic behaviour for 7 days.  Good thing we took him in, because the Dr. said that if we had waited even 24 more hours, it would've progressed to pneumonia.   Man.  Did I feel like the worst mother ever ... here, I thought he was just trying to avoid going to school.  I thought maybe he wasn't adjusting well to grade one, that maybe he was lonely, or didn't like his teacher.  Nope.  Just like he kept telling me, "No, Mommy.  I'm sick."  And man, was he right.

Thank goodness there's a learning curve with being a mom *smile*.  

Ok.  Onto my Monday "Biggest Loser" post.  I only ran one 10km on Monday ... and then was too afraid to run again with my bummed ankle until Saturday.  BUT on Saturday, I ran TWELVE KM.  Man, it felt good ... and I took 2 advil that night, JUST in case *grin*.  So I decided to weigh in on Sunday morning - curious about the run and what it did to my body.

Weight:  134.8lbs.

So.  Not a big jump.  I guess now that I'm gaining muscle, and approaching my goal weight (well, 10lbs), things will slow down.  I'd like to be "wedding weight" by my anniversary in November.  124lbs.  We'll see ... 

People have asked me what I listen to on my IPhone while running ... so - here's my set.  It's always on "shuffle" because I can't handle listening to things in the same order over and over again ... I'm weird that way.

IPhone Set, in the order it's on my phone - but again, it's always on shuffle:

Whisper His Name - Deluge
Jericho - Ben Cantelon
God of All - Ben Cantelon
Sing Sing Sing - Chris Tomlin
White Ribbon Day - Delirious
You Never Let Go - Matt Redman
Hosanna - Starfield 
The Highest and the Greatest - Tim Hughes
No Not One - Christy Nockels
Deeper - Delirious
Mighty to Save - Hillsong
Desert Song - Hillsong
Revelation Song - Kari Jobe
I Have Found - Kim Walker-Smith
How He Loves - Kim Walker-Smith
Gloria - Matt Redman
Saviour of the World - Ben Cantelon
All For You - Reuben Morgan
How Can I Keep from Singing - Chris Tomlin
History Maker - Delirious
Reign in Us - Starfield
Love Never Fails - Brandon Heath
God of Wonders - Third Day
Hallelujah - Ben Cantelon
My Soul Sings - Delirious
Forever Reign - Hillsong Live
Heaven Is Here - Kim Walker-Smith
Holy - Kim Walker-Smith
You are Faithful - Kim Walker-Smith
We Shall Not Be Shaken - Matt Redman
Our God Is Love - Hillsong Live

Running is my "God Time" ... so I tend to just listen to worship as apposed to just "inspirational" music.  There is a lot of great Christian music out there - but I like to listen to songs that are either sung in my home church, or could be.   And I also listen to new albums that I haven't had a chance to already check out.  I LOVE the new Deluge album called "Unshakable".  Even the worship tunes are "run-able".    I think that's an important thing to think about ... when I'm running, I have to have music that isn't too laid back - otherwise I find myself running to the beat ... and too slow.

Ok - that's it.  Hope this post inspires you to get your running shoes on!!

Have a great one!

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